About SwapATX

SwapATX is an offshoot of a San Francisco Bay Area party that's been going on since 2006. Over the last four years in the Bay Area, we've... well, here's the "about" text from the SwapSF site. It'll save us a lot of reiteration. And until this first party gets thrown, we won't know exactly what we're about, either:

We started SwapSF in November of 2006 as both a passive-agressive method of getting at our friend's clothes and a flimsy excuse to start drinking at noon. In the year that's followed, we've gone through two location changes (we graduated from our residency at CELLspace to a gig at Mighty!), been talked up in the local news, and grew to a semi-regular party of over 600 people. Apparently we're not the only people who like to start drinking at noon...

We've also (with the help of an army of volunteers, and the participation of everyone who's attended our events) gotten to do some good for San Francisco. We've been able to make substantial donations of clothing and books and, via Community Thrift, money to the following charities: AIDS Emergency Fund, CELLspace, Covenant House, Dolores Street Community Services, East Oakland Boxing Association, Friends of the Library, Parca, SF General Hospital, and A Woman's Place.

Right now, SwapATX is Jason Darling (SwapSF, Lollyphile, & CookieMisfortune), and Aaron Miller (you probably know him- he's been booking events & making art locally since he was a kid).

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